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il nostro team

Business Seniority, HR Expertise, Psychology Specialty, Innovation

Founder & Chairman

Christian Candela

Over 20 years of experience as EMEA BU Director in an international management consulting firm, CFO of a multinational Group, CPA and M&A Advisor.


Ian Wilcox

Over 22 years as a Global Practice Leader in an international consulting firm and working with early stage companies in the life sciences and human capital industries.


Beniamino Bedusa

Over 20 years of experience as HRD of global companies (Pinko, Trussardi, Groupon, Moleskine etc) and board member of leading companies in the digital world (Doing acquired by Cap Gemini).

Chief Scientist

Jasna Legiša

Over 20 years of experience as researcher and entrepreneur in the world of emotion recognition, working with private companies and enforcement agencies.

CMO (Advisor)

Stefano Bethlen

Former General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Disney, entrepreneur and film distributor with an exceptional track record.

Business Development (Advisor)

Alberto Zummo

Over 20 years of experience as a business advisor and technology scout for private equity and listed companies around the world.

Chief of Development

Michele Tancorre

Alessandro Mazzi

Viviana Sabatino

AI ed Emozioni

Uniamo tecnologia, AI ed emozioni umane con l’obiettivo di migliorare l’esperienza delle persone nelle organizzazioni.

Beniamino Bedusa, COO

La nuova frontiera per le aziende

Se l’80% delle decisioni viene presa sulla base delle emozioni, riconoscere quelle rilevanti per il business è la nuova frontiera per le aziende e le aiuterà ad avere maggiore successo.

Christian Candela, FOUNDER



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La nostra mission è aiutare le aziende ad avere maggiore successo e migliorare l’esperienza delle persone grazie al riconoscimento delle emozioni rilevanti per il business.