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HR Solutions

iDentivisuals - HR Solutions


The flexibility of our technology allows application in a variety of use cases.

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iDentivisuals - HR Solutions

iDentivisuals - HR Solutions

Solutions aimed at creatinga better company-employee relationship, more engaging work environments, happier, more engaged and productive staff, and an overall better work experience.

Emotions at Work

An analysis of corporate welfare.

Recognizes signs of well-being or stress in the company.

With Great Resignation, employee turnover has reached record levels, and companies lack vital and truer information to make better personnel-related decisions.

Lower turnover

Attraction of talents.

Improved performance and communication.

A web camera installed in the break areas recognizes facial expressions and other situational elements (interaction) by integrating them with other data sources (e.g., Calendars, shifts etc.) to interpret trends in corporate well-being.

Emotions 4 Learning

A training module based on games and simulations.

Teaches how to interact with the interlocutor through nonverbal.

Current e-learning cannot adequately simulate situations in which there is a strong impact of nonverbal.

High-quality training at low cost.

Through “forking” scenarios, the user interacts with the target audience. The webcamera interprets their emotions and uses them as input to determine the interlocutor’s reaction and choice of forks, at the same time it provides indications of the emotions conveyed by the user to their interlocutor.


Assessment services


  • Emotions and emotion-based behaviors.
  • Stress management.

Integrates current assessment tools with a behavioral perspective based on emotions and nonverbal

Better alignment to the role and analysis of potential.

The candidate is exposed to questions determined to generate emotions, and the webcamera interprets the results through facial expressions.

iDentivisuals - HR Solutions

Emotions at Work

The world’s first Wellbeing Survey service capable of:

Recognize on faces and measure what emotions people feel when they are at work;

Identify the dominant emotional tendencies in the company at a given time, in correlation with specific contextual information;

Outline the dynamic trend of emotions, well-being and stress in the company by creating greater awareness of them;

Strengthen Employer Branding by creating a better and more attractive work environment for new talent (especially millennials).

emotions and business

Why emotions at work?

87% of employees do not perceive well-being in the company.

85% of employees are looking for a new job because they do not feel happy in their company.

Data source: CNBC Survey Monkey 2019

Mental and physical well-being is a relevant factor in enhancing employees’ skills, sustaining productivity, and supporting creativity in the company. Emotional well-being is strongly correlated with performance at work.

Danta source: APA American Psychological Association 2019

Companies with happy and involved workers produce 17% more, sell 20 percent more and record +21% profitability. They also report 41% fewer cases of absenteeism, -28% fewer dropouts, -70% fewer employee accidents, and -40% fewer production defects.

Data source: Studio Gallup 2018

emotions and business

What and how we measure

More than words, facial expressions are the litmus test of a company’s emotional state. The computer system detects and processes people’s facial expressions when they are at work, cross-references them with “situational” (e.g., numerosity and variability of interactions between people) and contextual information, and translates them into indicators of corporate well-being.

Through cameras, all strictly anonymously, facial movements, social exchanges, at work and in future versions even tone of voiceare captured. An artificial intelligence algorithm developed and trained through specific psychological know-how of emotional classification, solid HR expertise, and state-of-the-art information technology analyzes all emotions and other relevant elements related to corporate well-being.

Analysis of the data and correlation with other data sources (e.g., shifts, payroll, meeting schedule) from the system provides the dominant emotional trends and allows delineation of the dynamic trend of well-being in the company. For the first time we can understand the differences in emotional state in different organizational departments, in different teams and in correlation with certain contexts and events.

emotions and business

Outline the dynamic trend of emotions in the company.

Analysis of the data collected by the system provides the dominant emotional trends at a given time and allows the dynamic trend of emotions in the company to be delineated. For the first time we can understand the differences in emotional state in different organizational departments, in different teams and in correlation with certain contexts and events.

HR Solutions

The "Happy Company" award.

Together with our partner Mercer by the end of 2022, we intend to issue a challenge to Italian companies to measure their work environment and determine corporate well-being.

Rewards will be given to companies that put employee well-being at the center of their strategies and have the ability to create a synergistic, productive and enjoyable environment where employees are able to reach their full potential.

“Happy Companies” will be able to boast the brand and communicate this achievement externally so asto attract talent and make their employees proud and involved.

These initiatives will involve a great deal of employee engagementon an experiential level, a factor of paramount importance post-pandemic and for post-millennials in particular.

Our solutions

iDentivisuals - Health Care solutions

The first elearning system that uses emotional recognition to create interaction with users.

A radical evolution infield force mobile learning, focused on teaching the sales force not only what needs to be told, but also howand being able to simulate it with a digital learning system.

The most cost-effective way to do sales force behavior training.

emotions and learning

Why train with emotions

As early as the 1970s with the development of competence models (McLelland and McBer) NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, devised by Bandler and Grinder) the importance of behaviors in generating superior performance was understood.

With Goleman in the 1990s it is to integrate previous studies by introducing the term of EmotionalIntelligenceasa key to leadership and performance management of employees to emphasize the importance of emotional impact in communication and performance.

Behavioral studies have shown that nonverbalis seen to be of essential importance in the recognition and management of emotions.

emotions and learning

The Emotional Intelligence of Employees

Emotions and appropriate employee behavior optimize performance.

Emotional intelligence enables us to evaluate any situation without getting overwhelmed by emotion and make better decisions.

Studying how to use emotions at work, manage them and create impact by leveraging them is the new frontier, because it is emotions that influence in most of our behaviors and because they allow for more direct and effective communication and greater sharing and empathy with the interlocutor.

“Emotional intelligence is twice as important as technical skills” (D. Goleman)

emotions and learning

Emotions 4 Learning

A training system based on simulations of real cases and a game with “forking” architecture where the negotiation skills and user empathy (e.g., a sales or customer service call) or the ability to leadership and involvement of a teamand generally theemotional intelligence and employee behavior (e.g. in cross-cultural exchanges).

The system, through the computer or smartphone camera, detects and processes the facial expressions of the training participants and translates them into the corresponding human emotions.

Such information, combined with the correct use of keywords (semantic language recognition will also be introduced in the future) influence the behavior of the interlocutor and the choice of forks in the simulation game.

The user is successful in the simulation game if he or she correctly uses both content (the verbal) and nonverbalby learning to make the best use of his or her own expressiveness and to recognize key signs in that of the other.

HR Solutions

Assessment services

Our assessment center solutions combine iDentivisuals‘ technology and NeuroComScience‘straining and certification methodologies and services to

Facilitate the proper use of the technology tool.

Learn about methodologies and tools, which are increasingly cutting edge, in the application of these techniques in human resources, to obtain a more accurate profile of the candidate during the interview.

Understand the importance of emotions and nonverbal analysis and decoding with regard to behavioral analysis with particular regard to assessment stages (for selection or potential assessment).

Compare the data that technology provides (and that the human observer is unable to grasp) with direct observation.

Properly integrate  emotion recognition findings with other assessment tools.


Our Methodology

The methodology enables:

Extrapolate from the candidate as much information as possible related to mental attitude, beliefs and behaviors in the workplace;

More easily understand strengths and weaknesses in areas of employment and types of tasks;

Accurately grasp the subject’s real motivational drives;

Identify a large amount of reliable and useful information for its inclusion in the company;

Understanding attitude in specific past work situations.


Training to Recruiters

Recruiters, before using iDentivisualstechnology, will be encouraged to take NeuroComSciences e-learning modules through which they will understand how:

Provide the right stimuli so that emotions relevant to behavioral analysis can emerge;

Understand the importance of facial analysis and its use in behavioral analysis in assessment phases;

Apply techniques for classifying and coding facial movements.

Recognize and interpret complex facial expressions.


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