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Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions

Health Care Solutions


The flexibility of our technology allows application in a variety of use cases.

Our solutions

iDentivisuals - Health Care solutions

Solutions aimed at improving people’s mental health through a better understanding of the emotional mechanisms that fuel behavior.

Talk Therapy

Integrates with remote therapy or counseling apps (e.g., Talkspace or BetterHelp)

Provides data in real timeto help therapists recognize emotional states, emotional spikes, and abnormalities in patients’ reactions by integrating human observation

As seen in Claudia Gerini‘s filmTapirulàn, it recognizes emotional state and provides alerts about particular moments of stress or danger, and helps recognize contradictions in patients’ behavior

Services for therapists

Our solutions for therapists combine the technology of iDentivisualsand the training and certification methodologies and services of NeuroComScience.

  • Facilitate the proper use of the technology tool.
  • Learn about methodologies and tools, which are increasingly cutting-edge, in the application of these techniques in the HR field to obtain a more accurate profile of the patient during the session.
  • Understand the importance of emotions and nonverbal analysis and decoding with regard to behavioral analysis with particular regard to assessment stages (for selection or potential assessment).
  • Compare the data that technology provides (and that the human observer is unable to grasp) with direct observation.
  • Properly integrate the findings of emotion recognition with the therapist’s analysis.

Training to therapists

Therapists, before using iDentivisualstechnology, will be encouraged to take NeuroComSciencesof elearningmodules.

  • Provide guidelines for applying verbal and nonverbal behavioral analysis during the first interview.
  • Understanding the importance of facial analysis in a therapeutic session.
  • Apply techniques for classifying, coding and decoding facial movements.
  • Recognize and interpret complex facial expressions.


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