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because emotions

Eighty percent of decisions are made on the basis of emotions.

Emotions, as proven by established scientific research studies, strongly impact decisions and behaviors, in some cases up to 80-95%and therefore can provide much more meaningful answers to questions that traditional solutions, including big data and artificial intelligence struggle to understand.

To do this, we did not stop at emotion recognition alone, but developed a set of interpretive and predictive indicators of behavior and intentions, applicable in a variety of use cases and based on more than 20 years of specific research.

Facial recognition

Recognizing people's identity from facial signs.

Recognition of emotions

Recognize emotions from facial expressions (muscle movements).

Cognitive science

Combining natural language with facial biometrics recognition.

Behavioral interpretation

Interpret behaviors and intentions from biometric and cognitive and situational indicators.

our solutions

Emotions at the heart of the work

Solutions aimed at creating a better company-employee relationship, more engagingwork environments, happier, more engaged and productivestaff, and an overall better work experience.

Solutions aimed at creating a better relationship between business and its customers and consumers, through on a more intimate, privacy-friendly knowledge and a more engaging interrelationship.

Solutions aimed at improving people’s mental health through a better understandingof the emotional mechanisms that fuel behavior.


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    La nostra mission è aiutare le aziende ad avere maggiore successo e migliorare l’esperienza delle persone grazie al riconoscimento delle emozioni rilevanti per il business.