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our mission

Eighty percent of decisions are made on the basis of emotions.

Our mission is to help companies be more successful and improve people’s experience through business-relevant emotion recognition.

We combine the potential of biometric and cognitive technologies, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with a solid human background in the fields of business, psychology, and HR to recognize the emotions on people’s faces and integrate them into business, entrepreneurial, and commercial contexts.

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Why iDentivisuals

We are only able to achieve our mission because of an algorithm that outperforms traditional emotion recognition technologies in terms of accuracy: the only algorithm in the world to outperform the human observerin tests and the only one to achieve the 99% average accuracyrelative to the 6 basic emotions, out performing the world’s second best by about 40 percent.

In order to best understand behaviors and intentions, we do not limit ourselves to Artificial Intelligence, but rely on studies conducted by our scientists over more than 20 years of work and research at companies and law enforcement agencies.

Our methodologies and tools have been considered best practices by Law Enforcement and Armed Forces, with whom Our scientists have been collaborating for more than 10 years.


Our values

In an increasingly digital and video-based world, emotion recognition becomes crucial to creating more empathetic and engaging relationships and generally more like real ones without excessive loss of information.

What Value We Bring iDentivisualsprovides the so-called “so what” of emotion recognition throughinterpretation and prediction of employee and customer behaviors and intentions by leveraging know-how unrivaled in the world of cognitive science and the world’s most accurate AI algorithm.

  1. what emotions

    Macro expressions

    Macro expressions are the most obvious form of expressions. We show them when we are incapacitated or do not try to control them. They involve the whole face and last 0.5-4.0 seconds. They are relatively easy to recognize and distinguish. Average accuracy of the human observer: 78 percent
  2. What emotions

    Micro expressions

    Micro-expressions appear more fleetingly and last only a fraction (even 1/30th of a second). They often appear when people process information quickly and try to hide how they feel. They are often not even recognized by the human observer. Average human observer accuracy: 48% (or 35% if surprise and joy, the easiest to detect, are excluded).
  3. what emotions

    Subtle expressions

    Subtle expressions appear when feeling less intense emotions (e.g., irritation vs. anger), when someone is starting to feel something, or when they are trying to hide their emotions without succeeding. Easy to miss or misinterpret. Average human observer accuracy: 48% (or 35% if excluding surprise and joy, the easiest to detect).

our solutions

The flexibility of our technology allows application in a variety of use cases

iDentivisuals – HR Solutions: aimed at creating a better company-employee relationship, more engaging work environments, happier, more engaged and productive staff, and an overall better work experience.

iDentivisuals – Retail Solutions: aimed at creating a better relationship between business and its customers and consumers, through on more intimate, privacy-friendly knowledge and a more engaging interrelationship.

iDentivisuals – Health Care Solutions:aimed at improving people’s mental health through a better understanding of the emotional mechanisms that fuel behaviors.

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iDentivisuals team

Business Seniority, HR Expertise, Psychology Specialty, Innovation

Founder & Chairman

Christian Candela

Over 20 years of experience as EMEA BU Director in an international management consulting firm, CFO of a multinational Group, CPA and M&A Advisor.


Ian Wilcox

Over 22 years as a Global Practice Leader in an international consulting firm and working with early stage companies in the life sciences and human capital industries.


Beniamino Bedusa

Over 20 years of experience as HRD of global companies (Pinko, Trussardi, Groupon, Moleskine etc) and board member of leading companies in the digital world (Doing acquired by Cap Gemini).

Chief Scientist

Jasna Legiša

Over 20 years of experience as researcher and entrepreneur in the world of emotion recognition, working with private companies and enforcement agencies.

CMO (Advisor)

Stefano Bethlen

Former General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Disney, entrepreneur and film distributor with an exceptional track record.

Business Development (Advisor)

Alberto Zummo

Over 20 years of experience as a business advisor and technology scout for private equity and listed companies around the world.

Chief of Development

Michele Tancorre
Alessandro Mazzi
Viviana Sabatino
Andrea Fornasari
Teo Giacobbo
Davide Miano

CTO (Advisor)

Alessandro Mazzi

Chief of PR & Communications

Viviana Sabatino

AI ed Emozioni

Uniamo tecnologia, AI ed emozioni umane con l’obiettivo di migliorare l’esperienza delle persone nelle organizzazioni.

Beniamino Bedusa, COO

La nuova frontiera per le aziende

Se l’80% delle decisioni viene presa sulla base delle emozioni, riconoscere quelle rilevanti per il business è la nuova frontiera per le aziende e le aiuterà ad avere maggiore successo.

Christian Candela, FOUNDER




Total respect for privacy

iDentivisuals solutions are developed and delivered with complete respect for privacy and in full compliance with current GDPR regulations.

At iDentivisuals we believe in the value of confidentiality and protection of personal data entrusted to us. If you decide to use our services, you should know that, for us, data protection is not limited to mere compliance with current legislation, but is a set of principles that allow us to create a relationship of trust between us and our clients.

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Guarantee of anonymity + -
We only receive data from people who have given consent and are anonymous IDs for us, in full compliance with GDPR.
Accuracy + -
On the 6 basic emotions we achieved 99% accuracy comparing with the same tests of our il competitor.
Significant indicators + -
We do not limit ourselves to emotions, but thanks to formulas developed over more than 20 years of research, we transform them into behaviors and intentions.
Continuous real-time monitoring + -
We can process several frames per second and thus capture micro expressions, and we are able to return results with very low latency; we track results over time so that we can monitor trends in behavior, link them to events, and analyze their evolution.
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La nostra mission è aiutare le aziende ad avere maggiore successo e migliorare l’esperienza delle persone grazie al riconoscimento delle emozioni rilevanti per il business.